choosing the right

wedding ring

For Her

Your engagement ring and wedding band should complement one another. You can choose to purchase the wedding ring as a set with an engagement ring and wedding band, or you can opt to purchase them separately. Here we provide some additional information to help you choose a wedding band that works well with your engagement ring.

Wedding Ring Styles

Classic Plain Band

This suits an engagement ring that features an eternity or half-eternity diamond band. Opt for a simple gem-free wedding band to let your sparkler take center stage.

Diamond Wedding Band

This is a perfect match for a Halo or Pavé Engagement Ring.

Vintage Style Band

This is a perfect complement to a Vintage-inspired engagement ring that features filigree, engraving, and other intricate decorations. Give your ring pairing a cohesive feel by selecting a band that highlights a favorite design element from your engagement ring, like engraved flowers.

Eternity Wedding Band

These bands are the ultimate symbol of unending love and are a perfect match if you choose a Solitaire engagement ring. Eternity bands showcase an infinite circle of diamonds for intense sparkle.

Gemstone Wedding Band

If your engagement ring features a colored center stone, consider a wedding band that also incorporates that gem.

Matching Set

You can choose a perfectly paired engagement ring and wedding ring that complements each other beautifully - just like you and your partner.

For Him

In choosing a wedding band for him, the main features to consider are the type of metal, the width of the band and the style.

Choosing the right precious Metal

In choosing the type of metal consider his lifestyle. The more active he is, the more durable the metal should be.


Highly durable, top of the line metal for quality wedding bands. It complements any gem and requires little maintenance to keep its naturally white shine.


Pure gold is too soft to be used on its own for jewelry. As such it is paired with different alloys to make for a stronger and more durable metal combination that will last a lifetime. There are options for yellow gold which have a warm gold hue or white gold which is plated with rhodium for a stronger finish.


For those who do not want to sacrifice beauty and quality at a lower budget point, palladium is the perfect metal. It is a strong metal that is hypoallergenic and stands up well over time. The only drawback is that not all jewelers are able to work with this metal and it cannot be used for all styles. Ensure you get a palladium ring from a company with certified master jewelers.


Apart from the type of finish, the styles of the bands should reflect the personality and preference of the wearer. This is also the time to choose any extra designs that you would want with the ring. This includes additional gemstones and the finish of the ring.

Classic Plain Band

A simple, yet timeless look that never gets old. The classic band can have a glossy or matte finish. You can choose to further enhance this timeless piece with simple designs along the outer edges of the band.

Diamond Band

A diamond band can have a single diamond to several diamonds spanning the surface of the ring. These generally feature a channel setting for a more masculine appeal.

Gemstone Band

Wedding bands with your choice of gemstones. This is one of the easiest ways to match personalities and gems for a unique band with lasting memories.

Mokume Ring

Unique wedding bands with very distinctive and intricate carvings and designs. Mokume-gane is a highly specialized technique of combining different metals in a forging process that results in a range of designs from simple to elaborate.