Conflict-Free Diamonds

Sourcing and Processing Requirements

Canadian environmental protection laws require that a thorough environmental assessment is carried out before a diamond mine can be approved. In fact, systems must be in place to protect local wildlife and miners are protected by strict health and safety regulations that must adhere to child labor laws while avoiding “sweatshop” conditions.

As part of their commitment to preserving the environment, the mines operated by the Dominion Diamond Corporation are also signatories to specific environmental agreements that involve local groups and the government. As part of these agreements, the land must be able to be restored once mining has ceased.

Following extraction of the diamonds, and once they have been cut and polished by approved manufacturers, each diamond or gemstone is independently audited to ensure traceability, laser-inscribed with a CanadaMark™ logo and unique serial number, and then given its own official certificate.

Remember, unless you know where a diamond was mined and cut, you cannot be certain that it was ethically produced. Canada is currently the only country in the world to operate a system to monitor and track diamonds from the mine to the jeweler.