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Our Mission

We design, produce and deliver high-quality, unique, hand-crafted jewelry using only materials from the most ethical and environmentally-responsible sources.

Our Company

Our Founders

Mildred Oriza-Stephens
Founder & Chief Creative Officer

A third-generation jeweler, Mildred was born and raised in the Philippines. Her parents immigrated to the United States in search of greater opportunity, leaving Mildred and her brother behind with a grandparent. When everything was in order she came to America, her parents strong work ethic in hand determined to take full advantage of the opportunities, to live the American dream.  

Mildred’s experiences left her focused on family, community, environment and opportunity -- values that underpinned the founding of Bashford Jewelry in 2013. Today, Mildred oversees operations at Bashford from her base in Seattle. She picks her craftsmen as carefully as she does her gemstones. She recognizes that the path to a growing business is paved with sustainability, quality components, equal parts craftsmanship and artistry, and unsurpassed service from first click to delivery.


By using only conflict free diamonds and recycled metals we are improving the lives of others and lessening the carbon footprint on the environment.

~ Mildred

Neil Stephens
Director of Business Operations

An Englishman, Neil also came to America in search of opportunity, though his tools were more jabs and hooks than they were scopes and gem-setting pliers. At one point Neil was a world-ranked professional boxer, training in Atlanta and fighting all over the country. After boxing toggled him between continents for much of the 1990s, Neil emigrated from England for good in 2000. He retired from professional boxing in 2006.

Neil now owns and operates his own personal training business. His entrepreneurial leanings, service mentality and natural curiosity make him the perfect complement to Mildred’s operational savvy in the co-founding of Bashford in 2013.


We are working hard to make the jewelry industry more ethical and transparent as well as making beautiful jewelry.

~ Neil