Learn the 5C's of Diamonds


This is a measure of a diamond's weight and a reflection of its size. Carat weight is exactly that — a weight measurement, but carat weight does not always clearly help you determine if one diamond looks larger than the next. Consider that the carat weight of a diamond is the total weight, no matter how that weight is distributed. If a diamond is poorly cut and is tall and narrow, when viewed from the top that diamond will appear smaller than a diamond of equal weight. To eliminate this concern, at Bashford we do not offer any diamonds cut to maximize carat weight at the expense of sparkle.


The cut grade indicates whether the diamond was cut to maximize sparkle and determines its brilliance. Put simply, the better a diamond is cut, the more sparkle it will have. One of the most defining characteristics of a diamond is its cut. While high grades of color, clarity, and carat weight also contribute to a diamond's appeal, it's the cut that determines the symmetry of the stone's facets, its overall proportions, and its ability to reflect light. An expertly cut diamond will achieve high levels of brilliance, sparkle, and durability. Even if a diamond is graded well in other areas, a poor cut can result in a dull, muted effect.


Diamonds are graded for clarity based on the finish on the outside of the diamond, and the appearance of any natural internal organic identifiers produced by nature. Look closely inside any Bashford Jewelry diamond, chosen for its exceptional clarity, and you won't notice anything other than its beautiful sparkle.Diamonds are one of nature's wonders, and a diamond with one of the highest clarity grades — like IF or FL — is even more incredible to see. If you are considering the balance of clarity to the other three Cs, consider that we've hand-selected diamonds that have no inclusions, that are distinguishable without magnification, even in the diamonds with the lowest clarity grade we offer. This ensures that even if you choose a diamond with SI-clarity, you will be amazed by the sparkle, not distracted by visible inclusions.


This grade refers to the "whiteness" of a diamond, or its lack of color. A diamond's color grade actually refers to the lack of color. In other words, diamonds that are white, containing little or no color, receive higher quality grades than those with visible color.


Bashford is passionate about Ethics. For the word ethical to succeed and have meaning, it must have three main ingredients: Truth, Transparency and Traceability. 
We offer responsibly-mined and fully-traceable  diamonds. These are guaranteed 100% natural and free of any treatments.

The diamonds can be tracked through audited processes to ensure their traceability. 

Bashford has always specialised in providing traceable and ethically-sourced diamonds and coloured gemstones. Therefore, it was very important to find a source of diamonds that matched our company’s values. Through one of our trusted partners we were introduced to CanadaMark diamonds, which are the ideal fit for us.

Every CanadaMark diamond is:

  • Responsibly-mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories.
  • 100% natural and untreated.
  • Tracked through audited processes at every stage from place of origin to polished stone.
  • Cut & polished to a very high standard exclusively by approved manufacturers. (who have been audited themselves)
  • Guaranteed by the CanadaMark hallmark program which provides an independent verification that a diamond is of Canadian origin.

These stunning gems are sourced by the Dominion Diamond Corporation from the Ekati and Diavik mines in Canada’s Northwest Territories.


Each diamond is laser-inscribed with the CanadaMark logo and a unique serial number, as well as being given its own certificate card. The stones are cut and polished by approved manufacturers and independently audited to ensure their traceability.

Canadian environmental protection laws require that a thorough environmental assessment be carried out before a diamond mine can be approved, that effective systems are in place to protect local wildlife, and that the land be restored once mining has ceased.

Canadian miners are also protected by strict health and safety regulations and Canadian employment laws preclude child labour and any form of “sweatshop” working conditions.

As part of their commitment to preserving the environment, the mines are also signatories to specific environmental agreements that involve local groups and the government.

Unless you know where a diamond was mined and cut, you cannot be certain that it was ethically produced. Canada is currently the only country in the world to operate a system to monitor and track diamonds from the mine in this way.

If you are interested in purchasing responsibly-mind diamonds then please contact us at: support@bashfordjewelry.com